Room separator and decorative panels

Create your privacy while defining your spaces!

Urban Steel designs decorative panels with a personalized, resolutely chic and original style that will enhance your interior design. Decorative panels can be used as a separation wall or as a decorative element to create dedicated spaces and create a view breaker. A range of bespoke products or a standard freestanding privacy partition.

Solidity and durability

Our products are made from high-strength materials and require no maintenance. They have been designed for domestic, industrial and commercial uses.

Flexible and customizable

In addition to our standard models, customization of patterns, dimensions, materials and colors is possible.

Reasons according to our catalogue or custom
Materials: steel, aluminum or stainless
Possible combination with other materials such as wood or a plant wall
Finished: industrial, raw or painted uniformly
Colours: a choice from a palette of 75 colours

setting up

Freestanding privacy: Simply to drop to the ground.

Other products: custom attachment system depending on usage.

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