Retaining wall

Add originality to your yard by setting up zones!

For aesthetic or topographical reasons of the terrain, the retaining walls represent a superb trick to decorate your yard in a unique way without denaturalizing the environment: path, land retention, tree surround, etc. Two materials are preferred: corten steel (rusty aspect that allows the metal to integrate naturally into your environment) or galvanized steel that brings out the material with its silvery appearance.

Solidity and durability

Durable and aesthetic, corten steel or galvanized steel retaining walls withstand extreme weather conditions. Corten steel is self-skating, delivered uncorrode, and patinates over time – the process can take a few weeks. The attachment system with anchor foot, welding on site and, as needed, is discreet.

Steel border to delineate areas

Urban Steel Corten steel or galvanized steel borders are ideal for creating and delineating the different spaces in your yard. They make it possible to achieve with precision: path, massifs, tree surrounds. They give a finite appearance, minimize maintenance, limit the proliferation and invasion of unwanted herbs and retain mulch. They offer a nice alternative to plastic borders. The attachment system with anchor piles is easy to use and discreet. Accessories allow the borders to be fixed between them.

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