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Committed to enhance and personalize the beauty of your indoor and outdoor spaces
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Architectural Fence

Add a youthful look to your property and show off its value.


Our fence company designs aesthetic modern fencing, and customizes it to suit your environment.

Privacy Wall

You need more privacy in your yard or wish to enhance your interior design?

Our fence company offers customized privacy bulkheads to suit your decorating style.


Want your landscape design to include a subtle play of shadow and light?


With our majestic Celeste and Electra light fixtures from the Urban Star Collection you will add an amazing touch of originality and art to your outdoor landscape.

special projets, staircase, balcony railings, solar panel, wall apparel, facade covering and decorative panels

Special Projects

Want to add some steel, aluminum or stainless inserts to your design?


Our fence company can work with you, your architect, your designer or contractor to develop ideas and innovative concepts.

An elegant and customizable choice

Colors and Finishes

Color choices from a selection of 75 options. Industrial, raw or uniformly painted finishes.


Customizing designs to suit your style or predefined patterns. The possibilities are endless with our technology. 


Latest laser cutting technology ensuring accurate finish, quality and the needed flexibility to adapt to all your projects.

A variety of possibilities for your projects

Privacy Wall
Staircase / Balcony / Railing
Wall screen
Decorative panel
Solar panel
Facade coverings
Door / Portal