Create your privacy while defining your space!

Our fence company designs custom style classy and original decorative panels that will enhance your landscaping or interior design and give you the privacy you desire. 


For your outdoor landscaping, the privacy walls blend perfectly with your patio, balcony or plants and permit you to have a more intimate privacy your neighbor. Around the spa, they offer an increased needed privacy.


Inside, the privacy walls can be used as a separating wall or as a decorative element to isolate dedicated areas and create visual barriers from passing outsiders or neighbors.

Strength and durability

Our fences are made from ultra-resistant materials. The steel we use receives a rustproofing treatment giving it a long-term durability to cope with the hardships of Canadian winters and requires no maintenance.

Materials that adapt to your environment

In addition to our standard models, it’s possible to customize patterns, dimensions, materials and colors. For more information, please contact one of our representatives.


Standard or personalized patterns to your decorative panels
Materials: steel, Corten steel, aluminum or stainless
Can be combined with other materials such as wood, natural stone or a green wall
Finished can be industrial, raw or painted uniformly
Colors: choose from a selection of 75 colors


Contact our consumer service to get an estimate or more information.